Computer Repairs


Many retail shops will try to sell you a new item rather than suggesting a cost effective upgrade and this goes against our own policy. If a computer is only used for basic web browsing and email then it really doesn't need to be that powerful and sometimes a simple memory upgrade will keep it going for another few years. We will always give an honest appraisal of your IT equipment and if it is past it's best then we will advise on suitable replacements, and because we have access to most major manufacturers we are usually able to give you an option to suit your budget. We are big believers in you get what you pay for when it comes to technology and will advise against certain brands that we know to be troublesome.


We are experienced in all types of repairs and upgrades and we deal with one of the largest parts suppliers in the world. Where it is economically viable we will always look to repair a faulty product rather than replace it, which is an approach many of our customers value.

Once a fault is diagnosed, we quote our customers before carrying out any work and also offer fixed price repairs so whether a power supply has blown or a laptop screen is damaged we can help.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Repairs & Upgrades to desktop PC's, workstations, servers and laptops
  • Computer Maintenance & Problem Solving
  • Computer Software - Upgrades and New Installations
  • Wired, Wireless & Remote Networking
  • Anti-Virus & Security - Removal, Repair and Security Software Supply
  • Microsoft Windows, Windows Server and Microsoft Office Support
  • Sage Accounts - Installation, Setup, Report Designing, Support and Training
  • Database & Application Design
  • Internet Setup & General Internet Troubleshooting
  • Printer and Peripheral Installation
  • Computer Servicing including Dust Removal and Health Checks
  • Website Design and Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Mobile Phone / PC Communication
  • General Technology Help - TV, Hi-FI, iPad, Tablets, SKY / Cable, Telephone, Sat Nav


Computer servicing is often overlooked by most users, but heat damage caused by dust build up and ventilation blockages is often the cause of stability problems and hardware failures. We can carry out an annual service which includes cleaning all the cooling systems which can help equipment to last for many more years. A typical example is laptops that are used resting on armchairs, carpeted floors or beds - they pull in fibres and dust from the material which blocks the vents and causes them to overheat, which in turn causes damage to the computer. Should it be required, we will replace faulty and noisy cooling fans to ensure the computer is cooled correctly.

We also carry out maintenance on your systems which includes making sure the operating system, anti-virus protection and general software is up to date with the latest manufacturers patches and that the computer is running as it should be including removing unnecessary startup items, toolbars and the general clutter that computers build up with normal use making them run slower than they should.

Contact us for details about our service and maintenance options.